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Dropped Student's Grades

When a student has a schedule change and is enrolled in another course, the grades from the previous course reside in the former teacher’s gradebook. The former teacher views this student as dropped in the gradebook, but cannot view scores unless the former teacher runs the Individual Student Report. The former teacher can either print the report or just view it on the screen. The current teacher cannot see any of this information unless given the report.

In PowerTeacher > Gradebook > Select the class the student was previously in

  1. Expand the “Dropped student” list on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Highlight the student name.
  3. Click on Report > Individual Student Report
  4. Choose Selected Groups and/or Students
  5. Run the report. You will be asked to View or Save the report.

To view the dropped student’s grades, hilite the name and select

Filter Selected from the Student Groups dropdown list.

On the Admin side you can view the scores through PTAdmin and use the instructions above or in All Enrollments select View on the dropped class and a page will display with the assignment grades.