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Using PT Admin to Access Teacher Gradebook

Using PTAdministrator to access the teachers Gradebook is a great tool in troubleshooting Gradebook problems.
  • In order to access PTAdmin, the user’s account must be edited on the Security Settings page > PowerTeacher Administrator User must be checked Yes
    • Once you have access to PTAdmin you will:
  • Select PTAdministrator from the Start page menu under Applications and a new window will display
  • Select Administration > Security Groups > Default System Administrator
    • Check all the boxes on the Administrator Login line and select Update
  • Under Administration select Account Settings. Check the Activate box under Administrator Login and select Update
  • Under Administration > Manage Accounts > select the Username for person you want to access PTAdmin
  • Under Administration > Security Groups select to add the group Default System Administrator
    • Under Account Permissions select all the boxes for Administrator Login and Update
  • If you are setting this up for yourself you must close out of PTAdmin and open it back up before you will have access to the Gradebooks
  • Once your account is active, under Gradebook select Administrator Login
  • Select the school from the column on the left and the teachers for that school will display on the right
  • Select the teacher and Launch Gradebook (you must have Java on your computer)
  • You will have full access to see all of the Gradebook however you cannot make any changes – you cannot save
  • Once you login to the Gradebook the teacher will get a Notification that you have been looking at their Gradebook

Accessing PTAdministrator