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PowerTeacher Seating Chart

The Seating Chart provides you with a graphical representation of your entire classroom. You can design multiple layouts to help you manage your classroom. Using these layouts, you can record attendance, or use the Random Student Selector to help you call on different students during class discussions. You can also combine different layouts in order to take attendance for different sections.

Seating chart layouts allow you to have multiple seating chart options, and provide you with tools to change student seats instantly, without rebuilding a new layout. Create new layouts from existing layouts from current or previous terms, or keep the current layout configuration but change student seat assignments. You can remove and add students individually to layouts, or populate a blank layout solely for the purpose of taking attendance using a seating chart.

Seating Chart Modes

You can work with the Seating Chart in two modes: Seating Chart and Seating Chart Design. Use Seating Chart mode to take attendance and randomly select students on screen. Use the Design mode to create and modify layouts.

Seating Chart Quick Reference This download link is a word document