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Historical Grades - Entering a Single Grade

Entering a Single Grade

For example the student took another course in a career prep center:

Step 1. Locate the student

Step 2. Choose Historical Grades from the menu to the left of the screen

Step 3. Click on the Single New Entry option

Step 4. Once the New Stored Grade page opens – type in the School name where the course was taken / school year / Store code (S1 S2) /Hist. Grade level

Step 5. Fill in the rest the information on the New Stored Grade page

Note: Keep in mind you will not have a Course number or section number associated with the course that was taken in another district.

Fill in the Course Name / Teacher name / Grade received for the course / GPA points / Citizenship / Earned & Potential credit hours / credit type / teacher comment if applicable.

Complete this page by choosing to include or exclude / GPA / class rank / honor roll

Step 6. Click the Submit button