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Historical Grades - Entering Transcript Grades

Entering Historical Grades from a Transcript for a New Student

For example a student that has just entered your district from out of state, and you have just received the students transcript.

Step 1. Locate the student

Step 2. Choose Historical Grades from the menu to the left of the screen

Step 3. Click on the Multiple New Entries

Step 4. First fill in the general school information for the school she attended out of state. School name / School year / Hist. Grade level / Store codes

Step 5. When entering courses you must enter the equivalent course number from your course catalog and leave the Course name field blank OR enter the Course name exactly as it appears on the student transcript and leave the Course number field blank.
Enter the Credit type – example ENG

Step 6. Next you will need to determine if the course/courses are Included or Excluded from GPA / class rank / honor roll.

Step 7. Fill in the rest of the page as it pertains to your districts transcript policy. Grade / GPA points / Added value (this is used if you award extra credit value to a course for its difficulty) Percent / Citizenship / Earned credit / Potential credit

Step 8. Click the Submit button

Note: You are allowed to enter 8 courses at a time – you might have to follow these processes several times to enter a student’s complete transcript.

Note: Earned credit and Potential credit – are always the same amount.
Keep in mind that if a student fails a course the earned and potential credit should be zero’d out.