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Email: Student-Guardian Email

This is a new customization available on all district servers to build email lists for a select group of students and/or their parents and guardians.

Student Emails

Student emails are pulled from the built-in system field (same as what shows in the PT Gradebook).

They can be entered on the Student Email screen that is available under the Information heading when a student is selected. Enter the email address and submit.

Student emails can’t be imported at this time, but there is an import workaround available to avoid manually entering each email address. If you are interested, please contact the help desk to request assistance with this.

Parent Guardian Emails

Parent/guardian emails are pulled from the guardianemail field in the Students table. This field is populated by clicking the Add to automated emails button under the email for each student contact in the Student Contacts screen:

The emails selected will be displayed opposite Automatic Email Reports email list: in the form below the individual contact screens:

Once email addresses have been added for students and/or parents/guardians, an email list can be created from PowerTeacher and PowerSchool Admin using the steps that follow.

PowerTeacher – Backpack Student Reports


If you receive a message that “An account with that email address already exists” reference these directions: