•  Address:
    44001 Garfield Road
    Clinton Township, MI
  •  Building Maps


From Start:


Grade_level in 9,10,11


Mailing_street contains Cherry Lane

Home_phone !contain 317 (will give you all student phone numbers that do not contain 317)


Alert_guardian# (shows all students where there is a guardian alert)

Alert_medical contains peanuts

*as_of=9/30/2010 (students active on this date)











Grade_level=8;*has_not_completed=xxxx fill in course number

*secondarystudents=all (will give you all students in your school including the students from another school in your district that are taking classes in your building.)

Football# (will give you all students with football checked in Activities.)


Mother contains – (finds mothers who have hyphenated names)

From L’anse Creuse:

  • To find special ed students: MI_SRSD_PrgmElig_SpEd=1
  • Seniors who have last names M-R: Grade_Level = 12; last_name >= m; last_name< s
  • Students enrolled in a specific course: *enrolled_in=### (replace ### with course number)
  • Pre-registered students: /enroll_status=-1
  • Inactive students: /enroll_status=1
  • Transferred students: /enroll_status=2
  • All students in grades 10 and 11: grade_level>9;grade_level<12
  • All males in grade 10: grade_level=10;gender=m
  • Students who have a birthday today: *birthday=today
  • Students who have a birthday in March: birthday>=3/1;birthday<=3/31
  • All students who enrolled on or after 9/8/2009: entrydate>=9/7/2009
  • 12th grade students enrolled as of October 1: grade_level=12;*as_of=10/1/2009
  • All girls: gender=F
  • Students coded with a specific ethnic code: ethnicity=A(Asian) district specific
  • Students not in a period: *not_enrolled_in_period=# (replace # with the period you are looking for)
  • Students with X amount of credits: *cumulative_credit_hours<15 (less than 15 credits on historical grades screen – replace the 15 with the number of credits you are looking for)
  • Students with a specific first name: first_name=Maria
  • Students with names that end in “ski”: @ski
  • Mother’s last name different than students: mother contains doe (replace “doe” with mother’s last name – or first name)
  • Father’s last name different than students: father contains doe (replace “doe” with father’s last name – or first name)
  • Find a student using part of an address: mailing_street contains 24 Mile
    • Or: mailing_street contains 23700
  • Find a student using student number: student_number=1234567





If using “Report Cards” from PowerSchool and want to print a report card from last year, you can change the grade level by changing the header to ~(f.sub;~(grade_level);1)