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List Students Example

Make sure you are in the correct term, select your group of students, then select List Students from the functions menu. Make field selections, such as;



*credit_hours (note, this is not on the fields list, it’s a data access tag – DAT) ***






Per.att;1;X where X is an attendance code

Per.att;1;tar for Tardy


If the field requires the system to make a calculation you must precede the code with an * (asterisk). For example, GPA is calculation, so it needs to be preceded by an * (asterisk) although Locker_number is just a static number entered by hand, so it doesn’t need the *.

You can print the list as is, or highlight, copy, and paste into Excel to manipulate or edit the data.

The Fields link in List Students is the same list as the View Field List from the Start Page.

Attached is an example: List Students Example

List Students