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Training information and descriptions can be found in the documents below:

Scheduling series dates for training 22-23 is a list of training dates for Macomb.

Newest Comparison of Types of Schedules-Edited by DS Nov. 2014 is a document that shows a comparison of different types of schedules such as 6 period day compared to 7 period day, etc.

The MISD manual on PowerScheduler includes all the steps used to successfully build a schedule and load students into the new schedule in PowerScheduler. This manual is not complete and may be edited as we go through the process this spring. Please send any corrections or modifications to help@misd.net. Last Updated 12/1/14. Topics covered:

  • Scenario Setup
  • Scheduling Year
  • Rooms
  • Student
  • Course Catalog
  • Courses
  • Teacher
  • Parameters
  • Student Course Requests
  • Enter Course Requests
  • Tally
  • Create a Master Schedule
  • Check Rooms, Teachers, & Course settings
  • Create Sections
  • Course Relationships
  • Constraints
  • Course Rank
  • Build the Master Schedule
  • Schedule Board
  • Loading the Master Schedule
  • Post Build Reports

PowerScheduler Procedures v 12-1-14

This is a synopsis of the timeline and process for successful PowerScheduling.

MISD Summary of Process & Timeline

The MISD has developed these tools to assist the schedulers in determining the number of sections needed for each course. Along with this are templates to list staffing/seniority & departments needed for tally and assignments.


Course Tally Instructions



These are documents containing screen prints of all the PowerScheduler reports. Seeing these reports may make it easier for you to decide which report would give you the information you are looking for.



Priority & Rank is a document explaining the difference between the two, which are often confused.


This document lists the steps you must take to pull the requirements information from the Request Management Screens from last year’s PowerScheduler setup to this current scenario. Rights to DDA are required for this process. For Macomb County your district liaison will be able to run this process for your school.

How To Re-Use Request Management Requirements

In Functions > Update Selections if you are accessing the SchedulingCourseCatalog and see your Courses listed twice, the system is looking at 2 catalogs. This document contains the steps you need to take to correct this problem.

Double courses showing in Course list when in PowerScheduler

You can copy your teacher assignments from a previous build and this document will help you to successfully export and import Teacher Assignments from one PowerScheduler build to another.

Copying Teacher Assignments to a New Build in PowerScheduler

This guide will assist you in setting up relationships to fill specific requirements that must be met when building a master schedule and/or loading students into the schedule.

Course Relationships

This document will walk you through the steps to export data, open in Excel, and sort to enable you to quickly look at student schedules to confirm that students have the same teacher for S1 & S2 core courses. This may be especially helpful for middle schools.

Checking Semester 1 and Semester 2 Courses for Same Teacher in Core Classes

Changing the SchoolID for Feeder Students

Known issue! Feeder school requests contain the SchoolID of the current school and not the next school, therefore these requests are not able to be seen in places like the Course Request Tally Report. This document will describe one process used to change the SchoolID to the correct SchoolID. Rights to DDA are required for this process. For Macomb County your district liaison will be able to run this process for your school.

Possible Workarounds:
Stay in current year on the live side before going into PowerScheduler to enter feeder student requests.

Use the Students Request Management screen for Modify Future Requests to add student requests.

Enter student requests in PowerScheduler > Courses > Requests.

changing the school id for feeder students

If you have Load Section Link Constraints, load your students, then decide to re-run a build, the system will delete your Section Link Constraints. This document explains the process of exporting your section links which can be re-imported in the event your section links are deleted. This is a Known Issue and only happens if you rebuild after you have loaded.

NOTE: The Table of Codes for Constraints:

Build Constraints

1 = Teacher Free
2 = Teacher Part-Time
9 = Course Restrict
11 = Course Room
16 = Pre-Schedule
17 = Teacher Dovetail
18 = Course Optimize
31 = Schedule Break
93 = Course Team
94 = Teacher Team
97 = Room Free

Load Constraints

05 = Student/Teacher Avoid
05 = Student Preference
6 = Student Free
7 = Student/Student Avoid
20 = Balance Adjustment
92 = Section Link

Backing up Section Link Constraints

A brief outline of:

  • Copying and using a previous Master Schedule
  • Building a new Master Schedule by hand
  • Building a new Master Schedule using the PowerScheduler Builder

3 Ways to Create a Master Schedule

In PowerScheduler on the Manually Schedule Student page the periods are misaligned. This document will step you through correcting this however this only applies to PowerScheduler and not the live side.

Workaround for Period Misalignment in PScheduler

Steps needed to setup a PowerScheduler scenario for the New Year.

Scenario setup

This document steps you through successfully exporting then importing the constraints from one build to another.


Once you have created the new year in the district, to subsequently create the new year in each building, the district will then default to the next year upon opening PowerSchool. These instructions will walk you through making a change that will allow the district to open in the current year.


Enhanced Visual Scheduler guide from MISD

Visual Scheduler notes

is an enhancement from PowerDataSolutions. The reviews in PowerSource on this enhancement are positive, however remember that this is not a Pearson enhancement, therefore not supported by Pearson.

PScheduler dependent sections

This document explains how to create and import Student Preference Constraints to assist in scheduling students with same teacher different sections for second semester.

Creating Student Preference Constraints Using Excel

This document explains how to create and import Section Link Constraints to assist in scheduling students with same teacher different sections for second semester.

Section Link Constraints Import from Excel