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Pre-Register Students

Pre-Enrollment for Next School Year from Pearson

Years and Terms must be setup for the next school year in order to pre-enroll students. Change the term to the next school year.

From the Start page select Enroll New Student and complete the registration.

Enter the new student’s Enrollment Date as the first day of the new school year and the student’s grade level for the new school year.

Remember to always fill out the Scheduling Setup page fields of Next Year Grade, Schedule this Student, Year of Graduation, Next School Indicator.

To find a list of the students that were pre-enrolled into the next school year, you will need to search for Pre-registered students using the command /enroll_status=-1 this will display a list of the pre-enrolled students

NOTE: We have districts that have been enrolling the students for next school year into this current year (not changing to next year as stated above) with a start date as the first day of school in September which codes the student as pre-enrolled. Then, on their Scheduling Setup page, their next year grade is the same as the grade that you registered them for, eg: if you pre-register a Kdg student for next school year while in the current term, their grade level is 0 or Kdg. and their next school year on the Scheduling Setup page is also 0 or Kdg. This is because when we perform EOY the Next Year Grade will change to 1 for the following school year.