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Finding and Exporting Student Test Score Data

How to Find and Export Student Test Score Data

In order to export the results of a given test, it is necessary to search several tables before exporting. The example below illustrates how to export a list of students who have taken the ACT test with a Mathematics score.

  1. In Direct Database Export (DDE) Search the Test table for the test that you want to find; for example, if you are searching for ACT test results, search the Test table for records where the Name value contains ACT. PowerSchool should return one record. Click List View to view the contents of that record.
  2. Note the value of the ID field in the Test record. For this example, the ID value is 3.
  3. Search the TestScore table for records where the TestID field values equal 3, the ID noted in the previous step. This may show several types of test scores, all which are part of the ACT test, such as Mathematics, Reading, or English.
  4. The TestScore table also has an ID field. For this example, the TestScore record with the Mathematics name has an ID value of 15.
  5. Search the StudentTestScore table for records where the TestScoreID value equals 15. In this example, PowerSchool would return all student test score records for the Mathematics score of the ACT test.
  6. Export the selection of StudentTestScore records to get a list of students who have taken the ACT test with a Mathematics score. The following is a sample of fields you might use for the export:
    • StudentID
    • [students]LastFirst
    • [students]Student_Number
    • [students]Grade_Level
    • AlphaScore
    • NumScore
    • PercentScore
    • StudentTestID
    • [StudentTest]Grade_Level
    • [StudentTest]TermID
    • [StudentTest]Test_Date
    • TestScoreID
    • [TestScore]Description
    • [testScore]Name
    • ID

Caution: Manual modifications to database records should only be attempted by authorized technical contacts, and can result in the loss of information if not executed properly. Before making any changes via Direct Database Access, you should perform a manual backup of your PowerSchool database.