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Enroll Student from the Same Family

  1. Log onto PowerSchool: From the Main Screen choose- Special Functions
  2. From the Function list choose: Enroll New Student and fill in the information for the first family member
  3. You must enter: Top Portion of the Enrollment Page
    • Student Name
    • Enrollment Date
    • Full Time Equivalency
    • Entry Code
    • Grade Level
    • District of Residence
  4. Bottom Portion of the Enrollment Page – Information for Family Match
    • Click on: Search For Family Members to Link to and Copy Information from
  5. You have two options – filling in the information and/or clicking on: Include Student’s Last Name in Search
  6. Submit – This will give you a list of all students that matched the criteria you input.
  7. Verify the student is a family member and click enroll.
Note: you will still need to complete the rest of the enrollment process – this will copy the demographics information from one family member to another.