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Walk-in Scheduling (Live Side)

The attached document “New Walk-in Scheduling” describes the steps used by the MISD to identify:
  • Students with incomplete schedules
  • How to create new or modify course requests and schedules
  • Using the Automated Walk-in Scheduler (AWI)
  • Adjusting the Master Schedule
  • Mass enrolling students
  • Dates to use when scheduling or re-scheduling a student
  • Enrolling students at another school in district
  • Printing schedules & reports

New Walk-in Scheduling

This document contains screen prints of all the reports in Custom Reports on the Scheduling tab. This visual may make it easier for you to decide which report would be most helpful without running all the reports yourself.


The MISD has developed this tool to assist the schedulers in determining the number of sections needed for each course on the live side.



This document explains the options and provides instructions for creating a master schedule for the new year. Many will copy the current master schedule. Some may export the current schedule, manipulate in Excel then import the schedule. Others may want to use PowerScheduler, however dependent sections does not work on the PowerScheduler side.

Elementary Scheduling

This document describes how to create dependent sections and enroll students into the base class which will in turn enroll them into the classes listed as dependent sections.

Creating Dependent Sections & Mass Enroll

Enrolling new students for the next school year before EOY has been run is explained in this document.

Pre-Enrollment with search

Instructions on how to mass enroll students into a class. Use the Mass Enroll group function to enroll a group of students into the same course and section at the same time.

Mass enroll students

An example of the setup is included.

PS Custom Class Roster

Attached are instructions on how to delete ALL students from a section. This process should only be performed before school begins. If school has begun and attendance has been taken you should not attempt this process. Access to DDA is required. For Macomb County schools this process should only be done by your PowerSchool Liaison.

Deleting All Students from a Section