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Historical Grades - Troubleshooting

Not all data showing

Example issue: only the the classes and grades of the last year the student attended displays on the Historical Grades page. We have seen this happen on the "Graduated Students" school. 

Fix: Enter the school setup from the District Level (Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info > Graduated Students and change the field "Historical Grade Levels (only historical data in this range of grade levels is used for cumulative GPAs, graduation credit, etc.)" to 0-0. 0-0 tells PowerSchool to show all grades rather than exclude any.

Year/Term Column Displays "None"

There is a PowerSchool help article describing the fix.

  1. Select the school where the student is currently enrolled.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > School > Years & Terms.
  3. Create the appropriate years and terms to correspond with the years and terms in the Historical Grades for the previous school.