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Security and Permissions

Password change for staff

To change another staff member’s PowerSchool password:

From you Start Page select Staff from the Setup column on the left.

You will see that the Browse Staff replaces Browse Students. Choose the letter that corresponds to the user’s last name.

Select the name and Security Settings from the menu on the left.

For PowerSchool admin password change use the Admin Password box at the top.

For a teacher password change, choose the Teacher Password and make the change. Don’t forget to choose the Submit button at the bottom

Setting the Substitute Password

A substitute password is set at the School level and applies only to that school. To set the Substitute Password, do the following:

  1. From the Setup Menu – select School
  2. From the General Category – select “Sub Login Settings”
  3. You will see a screen similar to the one below, where you can enter the password and check the box which allows you to include the Current Date in the Password.
  4. Click the Submit button.

NOTE: Including the date will use the Date of the Week as a prefix to the password. In the above example, the password the Sub would enter would be 12chooseapassword if it were 12th of any month. The date prefix will change with each change in the calendar day.


Substitute Teachers utilize a unique URL when entering PowerSchool. As an example, of what the URL would look like, it would be the District URL followed by /SUBS.

If your District URL is: ps.yourschool.misd.net/admin

Subs would use this URL: ps.yourschool.misd.net/subs (it is plural)

This URL will lead the Sub to a different login screen. Here the Substitute teacher will select the School, Teacher and enter the Password.

NOTE: It is recommended that you change the Password periodically if not daily.

Using the Subs URL limits the Substitute Teacher’s access to Taking Attendance, submitting Lunch Counts, and viewing the Daily Bulletin. They do not have access to the Teacher’s Grade Book, etc.

Click to take attendance

Click to take lunch count

Click to see daily bulletin