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Standards Conversion Scale ID

It can be difficult to find the Conversion Scale ID therefore we have created a document to step you through the process.

Standards conversion scale id

Assignment Grades Standards Grades Entry

This document is a visual of entering Standards Grades on Assignments.


Grading for Standards Only

Example of the setup and brief explanation of grading with Standards only – no Final Grade.


MISD Elementary/Middle School Standards Based Report Cards Program

This document contains the setup instructions for the MISD Standards Based Report Cards for both elementary and middle schools.

MISD Elementary-Middle School Standards Based Report Cards

MISD Standards Report Cards Conflict ERROR

When setting up standards for the MISD Standards Report Cards the Course Number and Unused1 fields must coordinate. If they don’t and you try to run the report cards you will get an error message. This document will help you to determine how to make the corrections.

MISD Elementary Standards Report Cards Conflict ERROR

PowerSchool Standards Template Setup

This document describes the setup of each column needed for the import template in order for the standards to be included on the MISD Standards Report Cards.


Unused1 Field for MISD Standards Report Cards

The MISD Enhancement Standards Report Card program utilizes the unused1 field on each standards record to determine the placement order of the standards on the report card. This document will help you determine how to number the Unused1 field.

Unused1 Field for Standards Report Cards