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Re-enroll Student Accidentally Transferred Out

To re-enroll the student back into school

From the Start screen, type a forward slash ” / ” and the last name of the student that had been transferred out. Click the search button.

  1. Once you have the student selected, from the Functions dropdown menu select Re-Enroll In School.
  2. On the Re-Enroll In School screen, enter the following :
  3. Date of re-enrollment – Enter in the first day of school for this student. (normally it is the first day of school)
    • Select an Entry Code
    • Enter any Comments
    • Select a Full-Time Equivalency
    • Choose Grade Level
    • Select District of Residence
    • Restore Class Enrollments – Select “NO” – if you select yes it will create a new (duplicate) set of course enrollments for the student. The student should now be active.
    • From the Enrollment heading select Transfer Info. Under Previous Enrollments select the record and delete it. The students Transfer Info screen now should look like he/she never was transferred out of school. The previous enrollments should precede the current enrollment (there should be no overlapping dates between the enrollments).

Contact your District Liaison to re-activate the course enrollments

  1. From the Academics heading in the left menu select Teacher Comments and write down the internal student ID listed at the bottom of the page.
  2. Navigate to Direct Database Access (DDA). If you have not had extensive instructions on using DDA DO NOT proceed with these instructions. Call support.
  3. From DDA select the “CC” table.
  4. Search the CC table for StudentID = [Students internal ID found in step 1], and click Search all records in the table.
  5. Next, click list view and locate the students course enrollments that have the DateLeft as the date that the student was incorrectly transferred out of school.
  6. Click on the blue ID’s one by one and remove the negative character from 2 fields, “SectionID” and “TermID”. Also, correct the DateLeft so that it is the day after the end of the term with which the enrollment is associated. (Be sure not to delete any other information other then the negative character). Click Submit at the bottom of the screen and continue to the next CC record.
  7. When complete, go back to the Start page and click System.
  8. From System, select Special Operations. On the special operations screen, select the drop down option “Re-align section/schedule enrollments” and click Submit. When complete, click the back button in the middle of the screen. From the special operations screen select the drop down option “Rebuild Schedules and Rosters” and click Submit. The student has been re-enrolled, and the student’s course enrollments have been restored.

Note: This process will not restore future course enrollments, which will have to be recreated manually. If a student is accidentally dropped during Semester 1, for example, the Full Year and Semester 1 enrollments are saved but the Semester 2 enrollments are lost. Refer to Document 6988 for more information regarding this issue.

Caution: Manual modifications to database records should only be attempted by authorized technical contacts, and can result in the loss of information if not executed properly. Before making any changes via Direct Database Access, you should perform a manual backup of your PowerSchool database.