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Change a Student's Attendance

From the Start Page key in the student’s last name, first name & Enter

The student pages are listed in the column on the left

There are 2 ways to access the current week’s attendance

You can choose the Enter Attendance (present week) link or the Attendance (future weeks) link

If you choose the Enter Attendance page, select the attendance code from Current Attendance Code dropdown list at the top of the page. If the student is absent all day you can choose the Select All link to populate attendance in all the classes for that day

Now click the box inside the correct day and time and the code will populate.

When attendance is complete, select submit

If you choose to edit the Attendance page you will see the students attendance screen

Here, once you choose the week by selecting the blue link, you will return to the Enter Attendance screen with the week you selected. You will choose your attendance code and click in the attendance boxes to populate. When finished, select