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Change Pre-Registered Status

Students still showing up as “Pre Enrolled”

This is a know issue in PowerSchool 6.0. Students who are enrolled prior to their actual “butt in seat day” will continue to show up as “pre-enrolled” even after their enrollment date.

Here are the steps you need to take to correct these students until the problem is resolved by Pearson.

  1. Run the following search /enroll_status=-1
  2. Click on the drop down and select
  3. Select Students by Hand
  4. Select the students you wish to change
  5. Check the Keep Selected Students button
  6. Click on the Functions BUTTON
  7. From the Group Functions menu select Student Field Value
  8. Complete the following:
    • Field to Change = enroll_status
    • New Field Value = 0
  9. Click submit